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paul gallagher

LOCATION: hampshire

CAR: 1975 gt 1.8

after having just bought one on e-bay without seeing it I am feeling somewhat apprehensive, I have a z3 and a motorbike so was pressured into buying this by my wife and 11 yr old son as they can all "come along" with dad on sunny days. Reading your story makes me think that we will have a guest in the garage to keep the living company. I will also hold back on selling my diesel 407 just yet as the future may be a little less bright than I thought. Still bidding was fun, and I do love the look of the mgb..........pray for me !!!!

22/08/2010 10:52 PM

Nic Sheldrake


CAR: MGB GT 1974

I have a shell and lots of boxes of bits. Your site is going to be a great help in sorting it out.

14/07/2010 08:27 PM

Roy Mitchell

LOCATION: South Yorkshire, England

CAR: MGB GT 1974 in Citron

Hi there, came upon your site after a Google search. Excellent site and great pictures. Just bought my GT and it has problems in all the same areas as yours did. Mechanically great but needs panel work. Have just invested in some Heritage panels and a good second hand wing. Looking forward to rescuing her for a good few more years motoring

29/06/2010 03:10 PM

Alan Barnes

LOCATION: Warwickshire

CAR: 1966 GT

Hi, just bought my first MG.....looking forward to sorting out the " little problems" which are bound be be lurking under the paintwork....

05/04/2010 07:46 PM

Steve Turner

LOCATION: Wiltshire

CAR: Looking at a 1978 MGBGT..

Excellent web page mate.. I was thinking about swapping my current car for a 78 MGBGT but looking at what you have had to deal with I'm not sure now!!!

16/09/2009 05:03 PM

Ralph Padilla

LOCATION: El Paso,Texas

CAR: 1972 mgb-gt

Hi you all out there in MG land. Just getting started to get Mg back on the road again after 13 years. looks like it will take some doing as it sat for two years in the desert before putting it my garage I built in 98'. Some wiring issues from the wire eating mouse. Wish me luck.

16/09/2009 02:42 AM

George Taylor


CAR: MGB-GT 1969 auto

Have had my MGB -GT for just over 3 month now taken it to first MG car rally in Alford Aberdeenshire lookig for new hub cap need some tlc going into garage soon

17/08/2009 10:41 AM


LOCATION: UK, England, North West

CAR: Thinking about MGB GT MKII chrome bumper model

Very well designed site, looks really good. If I eventually realise the ambition to own what will be my second MGB GT, first was a 1978 rubber bumper model in my youth, I will most likely be a regular visitor to the site looking for technical tips and inspiration.

03/07/2009 02:40 PM




Just drove her home 1976 in coach painted JCB yellow needs some TLC

21/06/2009 11:19 AM


LOCATION: Herefordshire

CAR: MGB GT, Austin A30, Austin 7

My girlfriend has just bought an MGB GT for £100! Looking forward to finding out just how shot it is... :p

01/06/2009 07:06 PM